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Our mission is to provide a learning haven for students to infinitely square their knowledge in a place where limits are scared to exist


Our values

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We have courage to try

We can't always be right or know the answer to every question but we aren't scared to try


We help each other grow and improve

We all have our unique superpowers. We support each other to be better.

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We learn to continue our love for learning throughout life

Good marks might tell us we're on the right track but they aren't the last stop of our journey.


Meet Our Team

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Louise Li

Founder and Head Tutor

ATAR: 98.70

Favourite subject in school: English

Favourite snack: Hot chippies

My day job: Digital Product Owner 

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Alice Li-Chacon

Head of Operations

ATAR: 94.45
Favourite subject in school: Maths
Favourite snack: Maltesers
My day job: Senior Product Manager

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Steven Sinatra

Business Advisor

ATAR equivalent: 97.00
Favourite subject in school: Science
Favourite snack: Steak
My day job: Making Canva fast

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Who are we

The ASquared Promise

Our academy was born from a tiny seed of an idea. I had just finished my university degree and started my first full time role but didn't quite want to stop tutoring. So, I continued to teach after work on weekdays because I still wanted to find time to make just a big of an impact. Though I love what I'm doing at work, the mentor and teacher in me wanted more.

"What if I do classes?", I asked Alice, and that was where our vision began. 

We don't want to be the same as hundreds of tutoring centres across Sydney. Having taught for over six years, I can see the problem a lot of students have isn't with the content. It's with the skills. And once they leave high school, they don't have the skills or love for learning they need to solve real-life problems and impress managers and business leaders across the table at a job interview. Our education philosophy at Academy Squared is founded on skill-building hand-in-hand with consistent practice using the content taught in and outside of mainstream school. Through taking different classes with us and follow a specially-designed curriculum, your child will develop logical thinking, presentation and communication skills and be prepared for any challenge they face within and beyond the classroom.

That's our promise.